RSVP to See the “Noah” Movie with NCSY!

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You might only understand the stories in the Torah based on what you read when you were a kid… but when you see those stories on the Big Silver Screen… everything can change.

On Saturday night, April 5 at 9:30pm at Regal Cinemas, join NCSY as we try to bring together 100 people from the Jewish community in an exclusive private showing of “Noah” in an attempt to further our understanding of the incredible story of the History of the World straight from the Torah*.

I’m sorry we’re SOLD OUT!


This movie was directed by an admitted Atheist. It will NOT be Torah accurate. See the article below, and feel free to search other similar criticisms. Our goal in viewing this movie is to attempt to take from it ANYTHING positive to enhance our own traditional Jewish perspective on the actual events of the Noah story.