A New Hope on Yom Kippur

Posted on September 12, 2013

Click here to download the Teenage Guide to Viduy 

By Sarah Karns
NCSY Teen and Junior at Fuchs Mizrachi School

Sarah led a group of NCSY teens to make a practical teen’s guide to the process of Viduy on Yom Kippur (the process of verbally expressing one’s wrongdoings of the year). Click here or on the picture above to download a copy of the Teenage Guide to Viduy made by NCSY Teens.

By the time that I usually make it to shul, I sit there trying to read something I don’t understand… waiting for the time to pass until services are over. I count down the hours until I can finally eat something without thinking about Yom Kippur as meaningful or useful. This year, instead of just thinking about the things I would like to change and the direction I would like to be headed in, I decided I wanted to do something about it.

When someone asked me to learn a part of the service for Yom kippur with her,  I was hesitant and unsure at first; but little did I know that it would  change my entire outlook on Yom Kippur… and maybe on life.

Actually learning about Viduy really changed my perspective on what I was saying and feeling. I never knew that those foreign words could be so relatable to my life. Let’s be honest… “Sins” are something we all relate to, and we wanted to somehow help others realize that Yom Kippur isn’t just a boring holiday where you cant eat, it’s a gift.

When writing Viduy for teens, a group of us wrote down average struggles that we had personally and thought about what other kids our age are battling. Now when I look through the list I see all of my struggles and “sins” not as weaknesses of the past year, but as new point of change with goals and direction.

This year is going to be different. I am excited to pull out my own personal prayer and make this a meaningful year full of direction and growth.