Executive Board 2020

Executive Board, Cleveland NCSY 2020

11th and 12th grade only

Please reveiw the board positions and fill out the application below to apply to be on Cleveland NCSY Executive Board 2020.

  • President-
    1. “The eyes and ears of teens” The Role of the President has a lot to do with understanding teens from diverse backgrounds and caring about their needs
    2. “Planning” The President will meet with Rabbi T to plan future meetings and ideas for the future
  • Regional Board
    1. Joelle Rosenthal
    2. Isaac Weiss
    3. Elana Spiegel
    4. Emily Dinner


    • VP of Recruitment- Develop a system of recruitment for regional events and Summer programs
    • VP of Education– Raise the bar of teen learning. Assist in coordinating Chavrusas for teens, Speakers for Lattes and JSP. Work on Education for Chapter Shabbatonim. Arrange lounge and learning.
    • VP of Chessed– Create monthly Chessed missions
    • VP of Social/ holiday Events– Plan social events, including events such as Sukka party, Purim event
    • VP of Juniors- Work together with Devorah Cohen in
    • VP of Shabbos- Enhance the teen Shabbos experience. This role can encompass various programs such as Onegs, Chapter Shabbatonim, Shabbos Learning, etc
  • Expectations for an executive board member
    1. Attend all regional events
    2. Attend JSP
    3. Attend (most) Chapter Board Meetings
    4. Be a role model of Jewish growth
    5. Have a Chavrusa (at least) once a week

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