Chanukah’s New Eyes

Posted on December 15, 2017

by Jacob Bolman, Cleveland NCSY City President, Beachwood High School

Imagine you’re standing in a hospital and you see a perfectly strong, healthy looking guy walk in. He lays on the operating table and the doctors and nurses begin invasive surgery.

“Stop!” you yell, “What are you doing?! He’s healthy! You’ll kill him!”

“Don’t worry,” says the doctor. “He looks healthy on the outside, but inside he’s falling apart. He has a horrible disease. By doing this surgery, we’re saving his life.”

We look around all the time at the bad things happening in the world and say, “How could Hashem make this happen?! This is horrible!”

What we don’t see is what’s really going on. We’re on the operating table and Hashem is saving our lives, giving us opportunities to be great, to be something special.

Channukah is a week where we gain a new set of eyes. Suddenly, it’s as if things are clearer, simpler. Our new eyes see how much Hashem takes care of us and loves us, not only during Channukah but for the whole year.

(Jakob Bolman, taken from The Soul of Chanukah by Shlomo Katz)