How to Get Involved


The mission of NCSY in Cleveland has been to offer a path to Jewish growth and inclusion for Jewish teens of all backgrounds with all sorts of desires, dreams and hectic schedules. Given that there are so may different Jewish teens, this can cause some confusion! So how exactly do you get involved?

Easy and Simple Steps to Get Involved
1. Email Us!
We often come up with new programs and initiatives… reach out and let us know who you are so we can help give you personal guidance on which program might be best for you!

2. What are you doing this summer?
More than 1000 teens each summer go to Israel through NCSY. We also have lots of scholarship! Let us know what you’re doing this summer and we’ll tell you more about our options! Click here to see our Summer Program Videos!

3. Stay Tuned!
Our new schedule for 2015-16 will be out soon, so get excited!