Who Am I?

When Hashem told Moshe it was him that would lead the Jewish people out of Egypt, he responded, “Who am I to do this?” Sometimes we have to belittle...

No More Crying on Shoulders

Yosef cried on his brothers’ shoulders, and then his fathers’. But Yakov didn’t cry on Yosef’s. We’re living in a tough time, and we have to do something about...

Bitter and Swift

Most of the time, God’s greatness is clothed in secrecy… but sometimes there isn’t enough time for Him to hide. Miketz 1939.

Dying to Live (Chayey Sarah)

Was the cause of Sarah’s death as simple as it seems? Or was there something deeper to her sacrifice? (1940)

Opening Both of Our Eyes (Breishis)

Great authors intentionally write the end of their works into the beginning. The Greatest of Authors did the same. What if the end and the beginning were wrapped together...