A Candle

Posted on April 27, 2017

As my parents immigrated from the Soviet Union to the United States for their freedom of religion, they had a hard time getting involved into Judaism, therefore I grew up with little background knowledge of my culture and my faith. Apart from the Hebrew School that I was a part of every Sunday, I had very little interest in what I was learning there.  A couple years passed before my mom decided to get me involved in a program called NCSY, something that I was against in the beginning.  My first event was Yarchei Kallah, and from that moment I was totally and completely involved. I wanted to learn and I wanted to know. I was inspired by all the rabbis who talked nonstop about shabbos and the world. I gained so much knowledge and love for Judaism throughout my years of participation in NCSY, that it completely struck me. Therefore I am like a candle, not really anything in the beginning just stick of wax, but when I started to learn the inspiration lit a fire inside me, and I became alive and more whole. Throughout the counting of the omer I would like to learn more stories that are in the Torah and continue my education that only started a couple years ago.


Maya Duplik

16th Day of the Omer